another monday

Fun weekend -- IKEA run, movie watching with Lor, some design work for a work-related project. Not enough time, all things considered. In fact, the first paragraph of the 25 Aug entry over at All Too Cozy pretty much sums up how I'm feeling -- too much stuff, not enough time.

Human Gnome Project Completed.

Esther Dyson says "The music industry encourages stealing by making people feel justified in doing so."

Galeon packaged for Debian.

Freaky web search referral of the week: "Free photos of nicked women". Is this some kink I'm unaware of?

Skud takes on Quality versus Quantity in the Open Source world. On one hand, I think she's right, but on the other hand, it's much, much easier to start writing something on your own than to have to grok an existing code base. And that's not even dealing with having to fit into the culture of an existing project, which can also be tricky.

Follow-up on Friday's canine leishmaniasis story -- it's now been found in 21 states.

Yes! Yes! Wow! Go read Beyond Alchemy now. Clay Shirky Gets It. One tiny pull quote from a longish (and did I mention excellent?) piece:

What had previously looked like a one-way chain from DNA to phenotype is now looking like a chaotic network of two-way forces, and a good motto for the biological frontier in the age of fully sequenced genomes might be "It's More Complicated Than That."

(Aside: my personal biological research mantra for the past four or five years has been "it's more complicated than you think".)

So, to the TAM crew, spot on article, and thanks for the link. Say, how much does this "unofficial bio-guru" gig pay, anyway? 8^)=

Native Americans aren't having much luck getting ancestral remains and artifacts back from museums.

One of the movies we watched this weekend was Liberty Heights, the latest(?) Berry Levinson life-in-Baltimore piece. Excellent, and recommended. The reason I'm mentioning it right after the above link is a scene towards the end of the movie. Without giving away too much, the movie is about a Jewish family in the 1950s, and how they relate to white Protestants and middle class and lower class blacks. Anyway, in this scene, Bebe Neuwirth (who you may know as Lilith) refers to "Indian summer" -- an implicitly racist usage, related to "Indian giver". In both cases, "Indian" == "false". What bothers me is that I can't decide if this was intentional on the part of Levinson -- anybody care to comment?

Okay, time for me to get ready to go to work -- gonna be a long day, I fear. Have a good one, and keep your head down.