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Pretty standard couple of days -- nothing to exciting of personal note. On to the links...

A couple things for my wife:

First, a computer glitch at Northeastern has lead to an incoming class 600 students larger than expected.

Second, Lor and I were discussing the upcoming election the other night, and she was expressing a fear that not voting for Gore could lead to a Bush victory, and the subsequent erosion of some rights we both believe in, like the right to choose to have an abortion. So, I think she'll find Feminists for Nader an interesting read -- and you probably will too.

There's going to be a structural biology meeting in Fredrick in September, for all you bio types in the area.

And speaking of which -- I'm pretty much an idiot when it comes to looking at protein structures, but some of them are quite pretty. I especially like the domain alignment in the background; this is outstanding information presentation, especially considering the standard of the field.

I discovered Genome Biology today -- it's a new journal affiliated with the BioMedNet portal. The first issue had some decent stuff, including this excellent article by Andrew Murray talking about the changes genomics is going to bring to the field of biology.

Joel's Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing. People in academia don't really do these extensive sorts of interviews, so this was quite eye-opening for me. I wonder if bio-tech industry job interviews are this focused and purposeful -- anybody care to comment?

Here's a review of the new Mirah disk. I've heard three or four songs off this on, and really liked all of them, so I went ahead and ordered it.

What job is right for you? Top five for me: doctor, engineer, geneticist, lawyer, researcher.
Via Fresh Hell.

Hope everybody has a good weekend; I'll see you back here on Monday.