tie me down to the murphy bed

I over-slept this morning; ended up getting up about an hour late. All day, I’ve felt like I was running after that one hour. Never caught up, either.

Linux.com has an interview with the Ian of Debian.

Are Bert and Ernie gay?. From 1994, if you can believe it.

Question for my oh-so-knowledge-able audience: Anybody know of software that will load man/texinfo/pod documentation into a Palm? I know I could just take the text and pipe it into a .doc; I’m looking for something that will preserve some of the formatting.

Here’s a cool bit of Palm software: a Harry Potter Sorting Hat. Find out what house you’d be in, if you weren’t a hopeless Muggle.

Yet another band that makes my head bounce: Mirah. (Source of today’s title.)

Well, I can see how it would come to this: An Iowa man, upset over sewer problems, took a bucket of human waste to a city council meeting, and some of it splattered the council. The article makes it sound almost accidental – I mean, it’s not like the guy tossed the stuff at them, or anything…

More ‘Carnivore’ news: The ACLU is getting into it. Personally, I’m with – well, damn, I can’t find it now – I’m with the weblogger who mentioned modifying his .sig to indicate that encrypted mail was preferred. Weekend project: Get Gnus and GPG to play nicely together…

Speaking of encryption, this page has some pictures of people with RSA-in-three-lines-of-Perl tattoos – which, legally speaking, makes their bodies munitions that can’t be legally exported out of the US.

And speaking of mail, I mentioned a couple days ago that I’d started using gnus-junk.el to try to reduce the amount of spam I get. I’ve managed to kill 3 accounts, and was late to the party on 2 others. I’ve also gotten about 20 bounce messages – leading me to formulate my new mail policy: If I send mail to abuse@foo.com and it bounces, that’s it – you’re on John’s Not-So-Realtime Shitcan List – any and all mail from that domain is routed to /dev/null. Once I get my act together a bit, I’ll put the list up on a page here, just so everyone can see who the lusers are.

HIV may make you more horny, at least during the initial stages of infection. The benefits to the virus, of course, are obvious. Viruses that alter human behavior are somewhat scary and very cool to think about.

LiveJournal looks like a Blogger-like service.

Hey, if you’re in the DC area, and don’t have any plans for tomorrow night, why not swing by the welcome party for Lyn?

Revisionist Meta: Fixed the date on the last entry – it was for the 12th, not the 11th.