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Either I’ve developed some new allergies during my years in the Southwest, or I’m getting a cold. Burning eyes leaking tears down to over-full sinuses, which are in turn dripping down my throat – it’s not healthy time in John land.

This guide to choosing a Perl book is also filled with small useful hints to help you get into and understand Perl Culture.
Found at Fozbaca.

A tool that might prove useful once I get GnuPG talking to Gnus: Secret-Agent.

Now that the human genome is ‘finished’, things can start to get really interesting. As an example, Harvard, which recently signed on as a subscriber to Celera’s database service, is planning on using that service as part of their plan to distribute gene samples. They’ll be providing this material free to academic scientists. The twist here is that this directly competes with one of the ways Celera is planning on making money. Expect some freaky licensing agreements on those cDNA clones.

One more tidbit from that article. The director the human genome center at Washington University is quoted as saying:

"Celera's current business plan seems to be to produce resources similar to those that are freely available," he said. "I don't see how they can do that profitably."

That’s pretty much the prototypical Open Source business plan getting slammed there – seems like if it’ll play in one space, it should play in another. Of course, that would require consistent behavior from investors, so I’ll probably be wrong on this one too. (I’m ignoring the whole ‘profitably’ red herring – we all know profit isn’t important anymore, right?)

Anybody else see this news and think about bread and circuses?

In other rather depressing news, 31% of Americans surveyed said “a group should not be allowed to hold a rally for a cause or an issue if it offends others in the community.” See the press release or the full survey. (The later is only available in PDF, which is ironic considering a free speech group did the study.)

Speaking of irony, you can expect to see stories about the recent NSF study reporting that “well-informed” Americans are a minority linked heavily in BlogWorld over the next couple of days.

Bacteria is not a dirty word.

Celera is looking to move into proteomics. Shouldn’t they finish the genome sequence first?
(Yes, that was a cheap shot. Wanna make something of it?)

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