forgive and forget

Wow, where did today go? (And how come I didn’t get anything done?) Ah well, at least the weekend is almost here – I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of stuff done then. </sarcasm>

Couple of people wrote about the “is your DNA yours” question yesterday; I’ll be getting back to them this weekend. Magick put his response up. Some good points and questions; I’ll be getting back to ya soon…

Remember about a year ago, when Echelon seemed like a really bad nightmare brought on by too much X-Files and Cheez Doodles? Well, now things are getting real.

In related news, various parts of the FedGov are thinking about nixing a buyout of Verio by Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, because they’re worried about their continuing ability to wiretap Verio’s network infrastructure.

Linked because I’m sure I’ll want it at some point: the GNU coding standards. Useful not because I’m going to follow them, or anything (can’t stand naked braces, personally), but because of the reasoning explaining some of the practices, and as an example of the detail required in a usable coding standard.

Nature has started a Genome Gateway, sort of a proto-weblog of genomics resources.

We spent the Fourth at the home of a high school classmate who happens to live in the DC area (somewhat odd that we’re in the same area, considering that I only have 25 classmates from high school). We watched the Bowie fireworks celebration from their backyard, and today I noticed that I have about 10 insect bites on my lower legs. Mosquitoes have always found me more tasty than average, and that’s why this plan makes me just a wee bit nervous.

Actually, I attended a talk recently which featured some mention of gengineering mosquitoes to be more resistant to the malaria virus – eliminating the disease by eliminating the vector. I’m actually in favor of a slightly different tack – I’d just like to wipe the little biting buggers out, which should accomplish the same thing, and make me a lot happier in the summer.

Condolences and a positive thought go out to Debra and her family in their time of loss.

Ta, Graham. And the weblogging manifesto echoes some recent thoughts I’ve been having about why Genehack continues to be a priority for me despite some recent negative feedback. Maybe all webloggers should be required to summarize their reasons for continuing on every six months or so…

Have a good weekend, y’all. I’m going to be laying low, hacking on BOP, and trying to catch up on the email front. See ya back here on Monday.