early morning upwake

Argh. Lor’s off again on another round of business travel. She had an early flight, meaning a very early airport shuttle pickup, meaning an ungodly wake-up time. So, I’m doing this update about six hours late, or 18 hours early, depending on how you look at it.

I caught the Freaks and Geeks marathon/finale/what-have-you on Saturday. It was nice to be able to see the last shows in the series, but also depressing. Especially so when you compared them to the crap NBC was advertising for next season. Fresh Hell points out that the Fox Family channel has picked up the show, but it’s not clear if any new episodes will be produced.

Speaking of TV, if you’re not watching the Tour de France, you’re missing out. The Tour is the only sports event I actually make an effort to follow, and this year’s is definitely a classic. Lots of confusion and excitement in the early flat-land stages, and yesterday, in the first mountain stage, Lance Armstrong positively decimated the field with a second-place finish that put him back in the yellow jersey. If he continues to dominate in this fashion, it should put an end to the nay-sayers who like to point out that his win last year was against a relatively under-powered field.

One of the other things I did this weekend was give Mozilla another try – something I continue to do periodically, despite past experience. This time was no exception – the damn thing is still way too slow, both to start and to run. Maybe I’ll give Opera a go…

I get a lot of spam – much of it in Chinese. (I guess I’m on a “No, he’s really a Chinese guy hiding behind that Anderson name nonsense” list, or something.) When I say ‘a lot’, I’m talking over 5% of my daily incoming mail is spam – and I get over 200 mails a day, what with various lists and my fabulous social life. I finally got fed up enough to do something about it – I grabbed gnus-junk.el, which lets me send a complaint to the relevant addresses with a single keystroke (plus a bit of address munging). I’ve been doing this for three days, and I’ve gotten two accounts shut down. Hopefully if I keep doing this aggressively, my name will move over to the ‘spamkiller’ lists.

ibooks.com is offering e-versions of O’Reilly titles – for a fee, of course. Too bad the site keeps killing my browser.

Perl Web Utilities – I need to have a look at this and see if there’s anything I can ‘borrow’ for BOP.

US teens having less sex, with more condoms. Yah, or they’re getting better at giving researchers the ‘right’ answers.

Oh geez! Apparently, being left-handed makes you gay. No word on whether forcing children to use their right hand by tying the left to a chair arm keeps them straight. There’s also no word (yet) on calls from religious groups for left-handers to abandon their Godless lifestyle choice.
For the record, I’m left-handed, mostly.

Reading this at work? Wave to Big Brother for me, 'kay? (Just use your right hand, for the love of Pete – or who knows what might happen!) Here’s a scary thought – companies are pulling this crap in a time of (reported) shortages of qualified ‘high-tech’/IT workers. Imagine how bad it’ll get if the economy tanks.

Dan Gillmor is taking on RIP, a proposed new UK law that regulates all sorts of electronic activity. I especially like the provision of jail time for people who refuse to turn over encryption keys on police demand – it makes dealing with difficult cow-orkers so much easier. Why? Well, it’s difficult to prove that you don’t actually have the key to that encrypted mail with a Subject line of “Getcher free child porn sample”, see…

(Please, please, please, let the quoted text string in the paragraph above never, ever result in a referral to this site. Please.)

Big happy birthday shoutout to my buddy Dave – one day late. Dave and I were in gradual school together, and one of the more difficult adjustments with moving cross-country to NCBI has been not having him around – something summed up quite effectively by Amanda’s 10 July entry about Lyn.

If you’d like to do me a favor, drop Dave a mail at dcs@u.arizona.edu, and tell him ‘Happy Birthday’. Don’t tell him I told you to do this, of course – if I know Dave, he’ll completely freak out at all this mail from strangers. That’ll teach him to not read this page…