It’s been a real odd weekend – Sunday felt like Saturday, and there was a whole three-day weekend vibe going on. Since I have to work Monday, like most of you, I imagine, this was a bit disconcerting.

Breaching the Web has submerged, at least for the time being. Have a nice break, Kris. And while I’m blog rolling, I’ll point out the Pursed Lips is back. Heya, Debra! I was starting to miss ya; glad to see you back in action.

The FSF has a page up on why we must fight UCITA. Good info to point people at when they ask why they should care. It’s too late for the state I live in, but it might not be too late for yours.

Oh, and speaking of efforts to screw over the consumer, the new ‘digital’ signature bill might not be what you think. I get an exceptional dark thrill out of the ability of merchants to charge a fee for withdrawal of consent – not only are you not getting a refund for the copy of Windows you don’t use, but you owe Microsoft $49.99 for asking about it!

For all you Visor owners who think we missed out on the Palm 8 MB memory bug, think again. There’s a test app on Handspring’s site. I’ll be checking mine at work tomorrow; gonna be pretty pissed if it’s defective.

I spent most of Saturday reading. I finished Allen Steele’s OceanSpace (quick fun read, not as good as his space stuff) and John Barnes’s Candle (again, okay; not as ultraviolent as Kaleidescope Century; ending was a bit abrupt). Now I’m down to only 1.5 linear feet of books to read…

Probably going to be all over the place tomorrow: NASA says a 1997 crack of their network put the lives of astronauts at risk. No mention of why mission critical data was being sent over public networks, of course.

Also in the “what the hell does secure mean, anyway” column: the recent Love Bug virus made it’s way into “four classified military systems”. Real secret network, guys – sending mail across public networks, running an OS with more security holes than you can shake a stick at, and using a mail client with a known exploit, which had already been used in a highly publicized attack. Geez.

Finally, the much talked about content management system thing has been released – see Not too functional just yet, but I’m working on it. If you’ve got the time, download it, play with it, give me some feedback.

Hope all the Murkins out there have a safe and pleasant Fourth; I’ll see you back here maybe tomorrow, or maybe later in the week.