summer reading list

Not too much personal to say today – must have cleaned ego house with the last entry. The work situation is cool; I talked to the boss man, and he’s cool with any of the roads I’m thinking of going down. Now, I just have to decide which one I want to commit to…

We’ve got Court TV now (we didn’t in Tucson). I could care less, except for the nightly Homicide reruns – I’m catching up on the 3 or 4 years that aired before I started watching – very, very cool TV. Because of that, I’ve noticed something a bit odd. Court TV has an hour of Cops before Homicide, and I sometimes end up watching that as I eat dinner. The episodes are mostly older – you can tell by the way people dress, and talk, that it’s early to mid 80’s, maybe the first or second season. The amazing thing is how different the cops being filmed act, relative to the ones shown in new episodes airing now. They’re much, much less media savvy and the whole thing feels much more public-access cable-ish. I find myself wondering if the cops have gotten better at “behaving” when the cameras are around, or if the editing of the show has improved (or just changed).

Top reasons to go to yapc19100: the lightning talks. Sample titles:

  1. How Perl helped me win the office football pool. Walt Mankowski
  2. Perl Doesn’t Scale Adam Turoff
  3. What Is It With Those Python Fucks, Anyway? Nathan Torkington

Yah, Sabren, what is it with you crazy Python kids? 8^)=

Following up on yesterday’s plea for Mathlete info, Dan “Not really a fan” Fitch, a/k/a Dan " Apathy" Fitch passes along a link to their disk. That leads me to my next question: Anybody know a decent indie record store in D.C., close to a Metro stop? Oh, and yes, Dan, Polvo does rock. Celebrate the New Dark Ages, baby.

See, this is where I always get hung up about democracy: The point where you start asking people who don’t know squat about a subject how that subject should be handled.

One of the PostgreSQL developers is writing a book about using PostgreSQL, and making it available online, in advance of publication – basically the book is undergoing a constant pre-pub review. Cam linked several of these the other day, but I don’t recall seeing this one – I’m sure someone will tell me if I’m mistaken.

Here’s a review of Mastering Algorithms with Perl, which I’m linking because way, way back when I bought this, and mentioned it here, somebody (sorry, don’t recall who) asked me to write something up when I finished it. Well, that day is far off (see the sidebar for one of the many reasons why), but from my limited dips into the book, I concur with the review.

In case you’re not a big blog reader, or are a big 'blog reader, but you’ve been under a rock for the last couple days, I’ll point to Salon’s version of Courtney Love’s recent speech. Regardless of how you feel about Ms. Love and her music, and regardless of your position in the coming IP Wars, you should read this article.

I just tried to subscribe, on-line, to The Perl Journal. Their on-line form is fscked up. Ironically, it’s served from the domain.

Lor will be home tonight – delayed a couple of hours due to weather. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to sleep! I’m going to try to get some coding down while I wait for her to come home. I’ll catch y’all Monday, or (very slim chance) this weekend.