straight to hell, boy

Feeling pretty misanthropic today. Not even sure why.

Maybe it was this news, from last week. Words escape me; just go read the story.

When I’m in this mood, Whisky Classified could be a useful resource.

Apparently, a reliable gene knockout technique for Drosophilia has been developed. I say ‘apparently’ because the Wired reporter didn’t see any need to burden the reader with either a description of how this feat was accomplished or a reference to where the original work has been published (or, more likely, when it’s going to be published).

Why I became an Emacs user. Interesting if, like me, you like stories about why people use the tools they do. Also interesting because of the variable hyperlink density – the first quarter has a lot of inter-textual links; the last three-quarters almost none. If I had to guess, it was either written in advance and is being hyper-textualized more gradually, or the author just ran out of steam. I found the more densely hyper-linked portion more interesting, but slower to read, because I was mousing over most of the links to see where they might take me.

While we’re on the topic of The One True Editor, I’ll point you to this link collection. Interesting if, like me, you find geeky editor references amusing.

Things I’d like to find: a weblog or online news site covering (note: not necessarily devoted to, just covering) science fiction literature. New releases, reviews, that sort of thing. Don’t care so much about films, videos, or mags, just books. Any pointers?

Speaking of science fiction films: Went to see Titan A.E. this weekend. About (an estimated) ten minutes before the end of the film, the fire alarm went off in the theater, and we had to evacuate. Unless something pretty amazing happens in that last ten minutes (and I kinda doubt it), you should probably save your money until the video release. After that, I came home and watched Ghost in the Shell I, which was much better. Question for the trivia buffs: Which used the falling nonsense type effect first, Matrix, or Ghost? If it was the former, was there anything original about that flick?

Site meta: Aryn implemented a Ratbastard decoder-ring-inna-web-form, for those of you who couldn’t get the Perl thing I posted last week to work but still care about the contents of the encoded messages despite being too lazy to hand decode them.

Personal meta: I turned 29 Sunday. Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason for the misanthropy, but thanks for asking. Yes, Lyn’s Medley and I share a birthday. No, I didn’t do anything really exciting for my birthday – the above mentioned film was about it. A friend sent a gift certificate, which was converted into half of a Leatherman Wave, and Lor gave me a spiff pocket watch, which I had requested because I’m always taking my wrist watch on and off due to the typing I do at home and work, and I figure the pocket watch will solve that problem.