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This interview with Eric Lander puts much of the human genome hoopla into perspective. Worth reading if you’ve been wondering what the big deal is, or what effect the ‘completion’ of the sequence will have. (Short answer: Not that much, especially not in the short term.)
Nicked from snowdeal {bio,medical} informatics.

A review of a book about the history of tattoo culture, which was interesting up until the point where I realized the critic was more into scoring academic wank-off points than telling me what the book was about. Nevertheless, the book might be worth a look.

More sequencing follow up: Wired News tackles the real question: Who did Celera sequence? James Watson apparently volunteered, back when the effort was just getting started; I think the smart money is all on Venter at this point.

Good news for Bay Area people looking to move: Home prices went down in May. Median home price in May was only ~US$460,000, down from US$469,000 in April.

I’ve been into space exploration since I was a teenager – exposure to Heinlein at an early age seems to have that effect – but I’d never heard of the Mercury 13 until I saw this Salon piece. Sort of sad that this didn’t even rate a paragraph in The Right Stuff or some sort of mention in the excellent From the Earth to the Moon series on HBO.

I had a slew of human genome articles bookmarked, but I’m getting sick of the story already, and I figure most of you have probably already heard it elsewhere, so I’ll spare you.

I think coming down with something. Too much stuff and not enough sleep this week.