hallelujah jordan

Busy weekend – actually got some work done on my vaporware project^W^Wcontent management doodad. Might even be semi-usable in the foreseeable future, shockingly enough. Any interest out there in me making it publicly available? It’s going to do some things that (I think) are unique, but I’m concerned that the target audience for a ‘output html then upload’ CMS that’s dependent (at the moment) on MySQL is too small to bother with. On the other hand, Sourceforge makes these things fairly easy…

We used a coupon recently to get some film developed via the mail by Seattle FileWorks. I decided to get them on CD, too, which is something I hadn’t done before. To my disappointment, they ship them in some crappola proprietary format. Fortunately, tools to convert to JPEG format were only a Google search away. Writing the Perl script to batch them is left as an exercise for the reader.

From the “People Who Just Don’t Get It” category, Dr. Laura seems to have a pathological inability to shut the hell up:

“Not being able to relate normally to a member of the opposite sex is some kind of error,” Schlessinger said in the interview. “We were biologically meant to give birth to more people.”

“Normally” has apparently been re-defined to mean “make babies with”. Or maybe “take nude pictures of”. Take your pick.

In the “Keep Your Crypto Dry” category, Congress is so concerned about the FBI’s ability to effectively wiretap that they gave them more money than requested, in order to get more tap-able network infrastructure built.

“Funny Search Referral of the Moment”. And I come up number one – don’t ask why.

Lots more stuff in the queue, but I don’t have time to read it tonight. Check back tomorrow for more, including (unless I just get too disgusted) some post-mortem on the “Hey we’re done, but we’re really not” HGP/ Celera announcements. Any bets on how the market treats Celera and the rest of the biotechs before and after?

Oh, and I actually had a large update this weekend – keep reading if you weren’t here this weekend.