I had a nice relaxing weekend; hope y’all had the same. Did a bit of bookstoring, a bit of reading, and a bit of coding. Yes, progress is actually being made on my roll-yer-own content management system, albeit slowly. After a bit of thinking, a bit of telling stories to myself about how I was going to use the system, and a bit of scribbling schema and flow charts on paper, I started over. I’m abstracting everything much more than I was in the prior attempt, so it’s taking a bit longer to write, but it’ll hopefully be more extensible, and it’s a lot cleaner to actually work with.

While I was bookstoring, I picked up some old Yo La Tengo, and the new Black 47. I was quite tickled to see that the latter includes a rollicking little ditty called “I Got Laid on James Joyce’s Grave”. I don’t know about you, but anytime I hear James Joyce, I think Jorn Barger. Here, fer yer edification, are some lyrics:

I got laid in James Joyce’s grave
I was hopin’ his genius would rub off on me
But all I got was a kick in the head
From the caretaker who discovered me
The Swiss lady jumped up in alarm
Got her clothes on instantly
I got laid on James Joyce’s grave
I’ve never been the same
Lord have mercy on me
I was drinkin’ shots in a bar in France
When, a notion, it came over me
To see where James had bit the dust
So I hopped a train to Zurich
Customs man held out his hand
Inquired what’s my business?
I wanta get laid on James Joyce’s grave
And I wanta do it instantly
James Joyce - I got no choice
James Joyce - I was only tryin’ to find my voice
But things went wrong in Zurich town
The citizens did not look fondly
On a red-headed Paddy solictin’ ladies
To an orgy in a cemetery
Tried to explain it was all for art
But them Swiss cops didn’t have no heart
I got laid on James Joyce’s grave
I’ve never been the same
Lord have mercy on me
I met a girl at the Kon Tiki
She was doin’ the Mexican rumba
When I told her what was on my mind
She said “no big deal, here’s my number”
So I sat up on the bar of her bike
As she peddled to the cemetery
We drank Schnapps on James Joyce’s grave
The next thing I know, the place is goin’ insane
Three weeks later they threw me outta jail
But I got laid on James Joyce’s grave
I can still feel the bruises
Lord have mercy on me
Lyrics by Larry Kirwan; song from “Trouble in the Land”

Rest of the album is pretty good too. Book-wise, I picked up Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell, the second User Friendly collection. (I wish they would have just run the strips in chrono order, but I’m a little anal like that.) I also got an interesting looking non-fiction collection by Rudy Rucker, called Seek!. Of course, my to-read stack is about two feet high at the moment, and that’s just the books! (The sidebar is hopelessly out of date.) When I get around to reading it, I’ll let you know how it is.

HelixCode revved Evolution last week. This is the ‘Outlook-killa’ for Linux. Looks-wise, it’s cool, and the V-folder thing sounds like it might be nice. I keep wondering if it will be enough to lure me away from Gnus
It’s doubtful!

Hey, now that I’ve graduated (it’s official now, by the way), maybe I should put this banner on GeneHack.
Nicked from NTK.

FYI: The full text of Grokking the Gimp is available at this site, along with a large archive of royalty-free photos.

And on the outside chance you both (a) fall into a segment that’ll dig this and (b) miss it on /. and elsewhere, here’s the NY Times article on the people opening a real-life data haven a la Cryptonomicon.

If you’re (a) and (b) from above, and also really impatient, they’re called HavenCo, it’s off the coast of Britain, and there’s no word on either magnetic coil wrapped door-frames or Nazi war gold. The cool thing (well, one of the cool things) is that one of the main people behind this was the creative force behind Monkeybagel. Stay tuned for news on how long this thing actually lasts.

Aside: You’ve also got to dig the notice on Monkeybagel:

Monkeybagel.com is hereby officially on hold. I’m going to be very, very, very busy for a while. I’m going off to do the most incredibly fucking cool thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Watch this space.

Grr. One more time, kids, with feeling: Correlation does not imply causation!, and people who write press releases that imply otherwise need to be smacked. Also, “Nearly 96 percent of Americans believe in God or in some universal spirit”? That seems a bit high, doesn’t it?