visor boy

I really should be going to bed instead of blogging, but…

Unlike (apparently) every other 'blogger in the world, I’m a Brown on the color test:

BROWN is a credible and stable color. Reminiscent of fine wood, rich leather, and wistful melancholy, brown is the color of academia. Most likely, you are a logical and pragmatic individual who is ruled more by your head than your heart. You have an inquisitive mind and an insatiable curiosity. Browns are great problem solvers. They gather all of the facts before coming to a timely and informed decision. You are intrigued easily and always find new ways to challenge your mind. Brown is an impartial and neutral color. Most likely, you know the difference between fact and opinion, and are open to many points of view.

(“Pretty accurate, actually”, he said modestly)

Want a free issue of the Nature with the article on sequencing Chromosome 21? Go here.

Damn! I’d been meaning to blog the Linux Virus thing for a couple of days, but kept forgetting. Flutterby beat me to it.

From Eatonweb, it sounds as if Blogger has been having some issues of late. If you’ve got CGI access on your server, but lack the time or knowledge to roll your own tools, Poor Man’s Blogger might be worth a look.

'Blogged so it will one day be in my database system:, a project to simulate a living cell in silico.

Also for the forthcoming database: the RNA webring, web sites relating to RNA research.

Some interesting and (to me) paradoxical results linking mothers’ eating practices and weight of their female children. In a nutshell, mothers who are trying to diet tend to restrict their daughters’ feeding too, which appears to lead to a lack of self-regulation when presented with an unregulated feeding opportunity, and subsequent “heaviness”. Leaving aside all the societal baggage that this story could raise, I just think it’s fascinating how much our parents shape us, even when they don’t mean to. The older I get, the more I see of my mother and (especially) my father in my mannerisms and reactions. I’m also much less freaked out about that than I would have thought I’d be.

Finally, I’ll pass along something from the DCLUG mailing list, from Brett McCoy, who credits his wife Amy for the following:

Blame Microsoft*(to the tune of “Blame Canada”)*

Times have changed
Our systems are getting worse
They won’t obey the users
And just make them want to curse

Should we blame the Internet?
Or blame society?
Or should we blame a great big monopoly?

Heck, yes!

Blame Microsoft!
Blame Microsoft!
With the registry we despise
And all their security lies

Blame Microsoft!
Blame Microsoft!
We need to break up the company
For causing agony!

(Enter Bill Gates)

(Begin solo)

Don’t blame me
'Cuz Windows Sucks
You should have stuck with DOS or Mac or better yet,

(End solo)

(Enter Windows user)

(Begin solo)

Well, my Pentium II
Running Windows 98
Is slower than my Amiga from 1988!

(End solo)

Well, blame Microsoft
Blame Microsoft!
It seems that everything’s gone wrong
Ever since Microsoft came along

Blame Microsoft!
Blame Microsoft!
They cannot make a real OS anyway

(Enter Mrs. Gates)

(Begin solo)

My son always said “640K’s enough!”, maybe less
Now I need 75 freaking megs just to run DNS!

(End solo)

Should we blame the hardware?
Should we blame the code?
Or the people who allow it to explode?

Heck, no!

Blame Microsoft!
Blame Microsoft!
With a virus like ILOVEYOU
And that b*tch Melissa, too!

Blame Microsoft!
Shame on Microsoft!

This machine I will shoot
If I have to reboot

A simple breeze
Makes the screen saver freeze

Their help desk cannot help, of course
If only we had gone with open soooooooource!

See y’all tomorrow…