Hey. Not sure what happened towards the end of last week, but I did get some coding done, and some design work. The new look is almost ready to roll. I had hoped to get it done this weekend, but that just didn’t happen.

Well, I officially graduated on Saturday. I’m now a Real Doctor. Woo-hoo! To celebrate, I went out today and bought a Visor. An orange one. Anybody got any pointers for good PalmOS w4r3z? I found AportisDoc, I got my USB cradle working with Linux (although it’s pretty fragile – I need to look into updating my source, I think), now I need some games and stuff.

Okay, onto the 'bloggin. Here’s one more reason why Windows for kisoks is wrong. Imagine the possibilities of Back Orificing one of those boxes.

Something’s afoot at the Foop Fort.

Okay, I realize this was last week, and I’m really behind, and blah blah blah, but I was really disappointed that McCain endorsed Bush. Talk about selling out everything you were supposed to stand for. Sheesh.

This article ran last week in Wired, bemoaning the current state of academic genomics. I think it’s pretty far off base – not everybody wants to work in a business environment, and those who stay in academentia aren’t necessary going to be any less inventive or daring than those making the industry plunge. People don’t go into academics for money, so trying to understand them by looking solely at that is a good way to be wrong. Consider, for example, that (broadly speaking) industry scientists don’t publish nearly as much as their academic colleagues, and that status (quite important to some) is closely tied to publication record – then you’ll begin to understand what’s going on.

In other genomics news, Wired has a wrap-up of the recent CSHL meeting on the human genome sequencing effort.

Well, I think that about wraps it up – pretty sorry lot for a Monday, eh? I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully it’ll get better.