Today, I found out that the second half of my thesis work was picked to be a talk at RNA 2000, the annual meeting of my (former) segment of the scientific field. This is a pretty decent ego boost; it means that the organizers of the session picked my stuff out of the mass of submissions as being worthy of a talk, instead of just a poster presentation. Unfortunately, I’m not going to the meeting – my thesis advisor will be giving the talk. Oh well, can’t win 'em all, I guess. If anybody is going to RNA 2000, please get in touch with me; I’d love to hear how the talk goes from an eyewitness.

Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? Local police tend to sidestep state laws in favor of federal statues, because they get a bigger cut of the assets from seizures that way.

Police say they need the money if they are to continue the war on drugs. If they lose forfeiture money, they say, local governments are unlikely to replace it.

And what happens if we just stop the silly war? It’s just not working, kids, and it seems to be having a toxic effect not just on individual rights, but on the relationship between police and citizens.

Boy, does the new Salon layout suck, or is it just me? All you site designers, listen carefully, 'kay? Fscking multi-column layouts are not the answer to your problems! They’re hard to read, they make me have to scroll back and forth ten times as much, and it’s difficult to figure out where the links are. Ah, crap, it gets worse – all the damn content is two links deep! Looks like I won’t be going there all that much in the future…

(Aside: I do think multi-column layouts have a place, but I don’t think it’s where the main content goes. Sidebars are fine, but a web page isn’t a newspaper, alright?)

Bit of a slow day out there, eh? Here’s a couple of online quiz links for your amusement. First, via Fozbaca, the Wall Street Journal’s Choose Your Best Place to Live. I’m too lazy to reformat my results in table form, but the top ten were Boston, Long Island, Pittsburg, Danbury, Rochester MN, Middlesex NJ, Chicago, Bergen-Passaic NJ, Washington DC, and Stamford-Norwalk CT. Given that I’ve always thought of myself as a Midwestern-type guy, the preponderance of East Coast cities is interesting. Nothing west of the Rockies turned up in the top 50, which doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Second quiz: I yield to Graham’s blatant link slutage, and offer you Does Your Weblog Deserve To Die?. I got a 61%; I’m not sure exactly what that means, but the results are really beside the point – it’s the linkage, baby!

Okay, I’m obviously getting a bit punchy, so it’s probably time to go. See ya back here tomorrow…