too much good stuff

Hey all – just enough time to dash off a few quick ones before bed. I spent the majority of my time this evening at the DCLUG/Internet Society panel discussion about UCITA. Roblimo of /. was there, and I’m sure he’ll be doing a better job of writing things up than I could, so I’ll spare you my version. I went in thinking UCITA was bad; I came out knowing it was bad, but I’m still glad I went. It’s nice that these movie tie in websites are getting more clever, but couldn’t they come up with a way to do it without polluting the domain name space?

Seen several other places, the U. S. surname distribution map is pretty interesting. Anderson, of course, is very widely distributed. I was surprised at how rare Jacobs (my other surname) is.

Prince warns of ‘playing God’. The irony here is so thick I’m not sure where to start.

Who is Diggit Software, and why do they keep showing up in my referrer logs?

Okay, before I ride off into the sunset, a clarification. On the 15th, I called my USB Visor cradle “fragile”. Greg KH, the author of the Linux driver for the USB Visor (who happens to be a reader) contacted me, in order to find out what the problems were. As I went about thinking about the issues I had had (flakiness, and a couple of hard locks), I realized that they could all be explained by my thrashing around trying to get things to work. Once I got past a little confusion about when to hit the HotSync button, things settled down, and have been quite stable. I’m explaining all this because I didn’t want anyone to read the previous entry and then make a purchase based in part on that information, which has turned out to be incorrect. A big “Thanks” to Greg, for reading, for writing the driver in the first place, and for taking the time to follow up with me.

Okay, now bed. Real update tomorrow, kay?