Boy, am I a dumb-ass, or what? I had the graphic up here last week, and then I went and forgot about Scarleteen day yesterday. D’oh! Anyway, here’s the graphic, a little bit late:

I support

I’m supporting Heather because I think information is good, and I think people trying to inform groups like teen-agers, who are typically rather unknowledgeable about sexuality issues, should be encouraged, and defended from the onslaught of chuckleheads that their efforts are often rewarded with.

The Doonesbury series that started yesterday is pretty funny. (I see it in the dead tree paper, so I’m a couple of weeks ahead – neener neener neener! 8^p=)

And now a couple of quick links, before I dash off to work. First, DoubleTwist and Sun made some noise yesterday about the first ‘gene map’ of the human genome. Then it got picked up on /., and more noise was produced as a result. I was in there, shouting with the rest of them, but I think this other comment sums it up pretty well.

And, for all you *nix’ers out there who’ve been feeling smug about the whole ILOVEYOU thing, have a look at these plans. Now, I have no idea whether or not this would work, or could work, or will happen. I do think it’s a bit off-putting that there are people out there seriously thinking about these types of things.

BTW, I’m either a luser with no friends, or all my friends were smart enough to not get infected, because I didn’t get any copies of the Trojan, or any of the varients.

Okay, time to go to work…