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After being in thesis hell so long, it’s really refreshing to be excited about going to work everyday, to be having fun at work, even to the extent that I’m staying later than I should because I’m having such a good time. Today, for example, I got to attend a class-room style lecture about the statistics of sequence alignments given by one of the people who developed the key algorithm used for aligning sequences – and even though I didn’t get all the math, it was still pretty cool. I mean, if you really think about it. got 0wn3d today – here’s how it was done. (Not an Apache vulnerability, but rather misconfiguration on services on the server.)

Salon had a two parter over the past two days on the dangers of over-cleanliness. Hey, it’s Friday, it’s spring – take the afternoon off, and go make some mud pies. Your immune system will thank you.

Hey, cool – self-assembling nano-structures you can print on your ink-jet. For the record, I submitted this to /. today, and it didn’t get picked up – although I’m sure it will be in a couple of days. Probably time to actually sign up for a kuro5hin account.

Go, go, 2600! The argument being put forth is that if can link the DeCSS code, so can 2600:

“As part of its role as an organ of the media, 2600 took the same actions as other media outlets such as the San Jose Mercury News,, Wired (News), and ZDNet, which all at one time also linked directly to DeCSS,” wrote Martin Garbus, a well-known civil liberties attorney at Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein and Selz who is representing 2600.

I’d like to take this opportutity to proclaim GeneHack as an organ of the media. Do I get a t-shirt, or anything?

Sometimes, rarely, unintended conseqences are positive. Turns out that corn gengineered to produce BT (botulin toxin, used as an ‘organic’ pesticide) also contains less potentially cancer-causing mycotoxin. Why? The fungus that makes the toxin gets in via insect bite holes in the kernels – fewer bites, less toxin.

Trying to get DSL? Frustrated? Turns out that the real pain might not start until after the install. (NY Times link; you know the drill.)

Have a good weekend everybody! (No rash promises about CMSes and redesigns this time…)