rectal-cranial inversion

Wow, nothing like writing an update, sending out an email to the update list, and then forgetting to actually upload it. sigh Make sure to check out yesterday’s entry too, while you’re here and all, and sorry for sending out the bogus mail.

In the “No Shame” category, I present to you the HOTice Stealth Compiler for Perl. Only US$995. It’s an obfuscator, from the sound of it – much like RJ’s Perl Obfuscator, which I’ve mentioned before. Of course, that one’ll cost you about a kilobuck less, but what the hell.

Opps. Turns out some genetically modified oilseed rape plants were accidentally imported into the UK. On one hand, this confirms some concerns about pollen from modified plants spreading modifications to un-modified cultivars. On the other hand, the plants have been growing “in the wild” for two years without causing any perceptible problems.

zzzxzy linked to me in the context of a discussion about the genetics of homosexuality, or more properly, a discussion about the possibility of a genetic component to homosexuality. It’s an interesting topic, and one that I’m not going to even attempt to get into, but I will respond to Ryan’s comment that “I kind of think of sex as something rather artificial.”, just to note that the act isn’t artificial, but some (probably not all) of the social constructs that have been built up around the act are.

“Your tax dollars at work” department : Certain members of Congress are concerned about online genealogy databases:

“There are some commercial ventures now providing information on this subject … oftentimes genealogical information involves a mother’s maiden name, and that is often used by many as a password,” [Rep. Ed Pease (R-Ind.)] said.

Because if Congress won’t protect your Gawd-given right to pick a crappy password, who will?

“Quick fix” department: So ILOVEYOU bitchslapped the FedGov’s mail systems. So, of course:

“Clearly, more needs to be done to enhance the government’s ability to collect, analyze and distribute timely information that can be used by agencies to protect their critical information systems from possible attack,” [Jack Brock, the top GAO information management expert] said.

Deleting fscking MS Outlook off all FedGov computers is apparently too complex and unwieldy a task – plus, it would probably interfere with the rights of the workers, or something. Furrfu.

Newzilla is a site targeted at Mozilla (and Netscape 6) newbies. I’m considering switching to Mozilla, but if I do, I want to totally dump Netscape, because I know otherwise I’ll slip back into using it. Anybody else done this? Having any problems that I should know about? mail me –

Here’s a guide to getting started writing Gnome panel applets. I’m working on learning C at work – lots and lots of reading, interspersed with bouts of hacking. I’m really struggling, as I keep wanting to think in Perl idiom, and that just doesn’t work with C. I just need to keep at it, but I’m beginning to understand why some people think learning a high level language first is bad. (I actually came to programming via C, but all my “real”,“serious” coding has been Perl.)

The Dewbie looks like it might be worth checking out, assuming that it grows.

XEmacs/GTK is in beta, according to William Perry, the guy doing the coding. In addition to the coolness of being able to apply GTK themes to XEmacs (and being able to do away with the crufty Athena stuff that’s made building from source a real PITA), this project is interesting because it’s being funded by BeOpen via I built it at work, under Solaris, and it works pretty well. If I get the time, I’ll built it at home this weekend. It sounds decently stable, and William has said he’s actually using it for the development, so it must be pretty solid.

Speaking of XEmacs and weekend projects, BBDBpalm exports your .bbdb to your Palm. Sweet!

Okay, that should be enough to take you into the weekend. Don’t forget to read yesterday’s update as well, since I forgot to upload it and all. Have a good weekend, and I’ll see you Monday. (Except you and you and, oh yes, you, who I will see Friday night.)