Bit of a down day for me. Not sure why; perhaps it was looking through some old things that I was stowing away in the new place, or maybe it’s because Lor’s leaving tomorrow for a half-week business trip, or maybe it’s the continuing assimilation of Boys Don’t Cry (see yesterday). Anyway, today’s update is much lower key than normal; deal.

Saturday’s D.C. area Blog Fest was cool; if you’re in the area, why weren’t you there? No word on when the next one is, but apparently Don the Ratbastard is in charge.

Hey – Bruce Sterling’s The Hacker Crackdown is available on the web, unabridged, for free. If you’re not aware of the Steve Jackson Games incident, you should read at least that section, and then think about what’s on your hard drive, and how it might look to someone else. Encryption is your friend.

Ten commandments for C programmers:

  1. Thou shalt cast all function arguments to the expected type if they are not of that type already, even when thou art convinced that this is unnecessary, lest they take cruel vengeance upon thee when thou least expect it.

(For maximum effect, imagine the above being read by Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction

Why do people try to read too much into trivial things? For example, this article discussing how the way you sleep gives clues about the health of your relationship. Depending on when I wake up, Lor and I could be in any kind of position – our heads are usually pointed roughly in the same direction, but not always. I think the real sign there’s a problem with your relationship is when you start examining everything to see if there’s a problem.

Speaking of beds, Lor and I went out this weekend and spent way too much money on a bed. Actually, if you consider the projected lifespan of the mattress and amortize the cost over that many years, it’s not that much money – but it seems quite the chunk up front. This is fairly momentous, because we haven’t had a bed since we’ve been married – we’ve always slept on a futon. We don’t even have one of those nice pseudo-coach frames – just a pallet-style. Our futon is pretty old, and we need to replace it – especially since Lor’s been having trouble sleeping. I voted futon, Lor voted bed, and in the spirit of picking the fights you can win, we got a bed. 8^)=

Well, I thought I had bookmarked some stuff, but apparently not. It’s probably going to be quiet around here this week – I’m going to be concentrating on some other stuff, like the backend, and the long promised redesign, as well as catching up on my reading, and, oh yes, work – so I’m going to be letting the blog slip. As always, if you want a short email when this site updates, subscribe to the genehack-update list over at eGroups.