losing weekends left and right

Another week-end, another missed attempt at a re-design. At least I know what I want it to look like now – I’ve just got to find the time to make it work.

Oh frabjuous day! Virulent Memes is back! (And while I’m navel gazing, Brig has a awesome re-design up.

Speaking of Aussies, some researchers down there are planning to clone the extinct Tasmanian tiger. They claim that they’re further along than other similar projects.

Hmm, maybe it’s .au-day on GeneHack. Regardless, here are some training materials from Netizen, home of Skud and Thorfinn – names that might be familiar if you’ve spent any time in the Monastery. The Web-enabled databases with Perl and DBI stuff looks especially interesting.

Evolt.org says “You Need a Content Management System”.
Nicked from Cam and blogged so I’ll remember to read it later.

Perl.com has an article up that deconstructs a script written by someone without much Perl experience. Quite useful, if you’d like to see some Other Ways To Do It.

themes.org interviewed garrett last week. He talks about how he got into computer art, and offers some advice for using the Gimp. One of these days I’m going to have to get a book or something, and really learn how to use the Gimp. Anyone got recommendations?

It’s often said that the hardest part of cracking any code is finding out that’s it’s actually possible to break it; the recent French bank card crack might be evidence of this. After the first person to break the code was jailed (on what might be called trumped-up fraud charges), another anonymous code breaker has posted the procedure to break the code on the 'net.

So I’ll remember to print it out at work: The CVS book. I started reading the version that installs with Debian, but I want a paper copy, so I don’t have to sit in front of my computer to read it.