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This country just gets more and more scary all the time: Mistrial declared after jurors decide conviction with coin toss:

Jury foreman David Melton told The Courier-Journal for Tuesday’s editions that jurors decided to flip a silver dollar to avoid a hung jury. Because all agreed on the coin toss, they thought it was legal, he said.

Mental note: check out this paper, on standardized tests to evaluate genome annotation software. Sounds like things are getting dramatically better from the numbers quoted in the article; they weren’t nearly that good on the last evaluation I read (a couple of years ago).
Nicked from the snowdeal.org bioinfo section, which should already be on your daily rounds if you’re a bio-head.

I wonder if I can get something together in time to go to the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference? I should probably stick to a more biological meeting, at least this year.

In the Crawling Out From Under a Rock section, Salon covers Vigor, the MS Office-ish paper clip for vi. Hmm, it seems like some sites have covered this before

Dan’s out of town, so I’ll point out that today’s Keith Knight addresses that always thorny issue of what kids are wearing to school these days. Aren’t the uniforms supposed to solve this problem?

I’m getting about 10 spams an hour – well, actually, I’m getting about 10 copies of the same spam, because somebody misconfigured their mass mailer. It’s in Chinese, like ~75% of the spam I get. sigh. See ya tomorrow.