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Today’s linkage made possible by the letters P and V, and by Deepleap, which I’ve switched to for my remote bookmarking needs. I do wish they’ve offer an option to directly bookmark a site, without having to hit that save button…might be time for some email feedback…

Vermont’s looking like a nice place to live. Now we just need to get them to recognize polyamory groups, and everybody can be happy.

Have some type of bioinformatics question? Maybe TAMBIS can help. It’s an ambitious looking project; I wish I had the time to play around with it and see how well it works.

Also in the “looks like fun but I really don’t have the time now”, Darwin, an “interpreted computer language for the biosciences”.

Well, part of the message is good, but some of the things Leroy Hood is quoted as saying in this Wired article are a little bit scary:

All of the details that most of us memorize in medical school – you don’t have to learn those things. They’re going to be in your computer.

Makes “Blue Screen of Death” take on a whole new meaning, eh?

As a culture, we’ve been struggling with technology running ahead of the law since, well, forever. Are we going to do any better when the tech is biotech, concerning our own genomes, our own bodies? Some researchers say we’d better.

Ever wonder where the animals on the O’Reilly book covers come from? Here’s a nice article that explains the history, and the process behind the Animal Books.

Thought for the day: I really need to revise the Daily Dose pages – I’m really getting into a rut with my reading habits. I also want to start reading fewer 'blogs (or maybe the same number of blogs, but less often), and more primary sources, at least for a little bit. Maybe I’ll get to that this weekend…