sick *and* tired

Well, the cold finally caught up with me, and I took yesterday off, from 'blogging and from work. I hate to take sick time so soon after starting a new job, but I didn’t think infecting my co-workers was the best idea, either.

Before I collapsed, I managed to make it to the DC LUG Installfest on Saturday. It was fun; I got to meet quite a few Linux people in the area, and I got to play with some hardware that I was unfamiliar with – older Sun kit. It’s not too bad, either – apparently the University of Maryland has a lot of surplus, so I might have to check that out. I also picked up a small Tux doll, so overall it was quite the day.

Tigert has an older Gimp tutorial up on his site, which gets into the basics of using layers, and some of the other Gimp tools. It also looks like it might be useful for PhotoShop users, if you can translate between the different command sets.

Mike “Larkfarm” Gunderloy has up a page listing software engineering resources, which I’m putting in here so I can find it when I need it.

Dino is a molecular structure viewer that reads in quite a few different file formats and then outputs pretty pictures. My boss was looking for something like this the other day, so I might have to point him at it, and see what he thinks. (He knows a lot more structural stuff than I do.)

I don’t remember what 'blog I saw this on, but this girl’s-eye-view comparing Ferris Bueller and Lloyd Dobler was cool in that rose-tinted nostalgia way. From my perspective, I never wanted to be Ferris Bueller, but Lloyd Dobler – Lloyd was an inspiration.

The Music CD Librarian is a Perl script for indexing your CD collection. You run it, drop each disk in the drive, and the script does a CDDB lookup and stores the results in a MySQL database. Pretty cool, if you’re got the patience to run through all your CDs.

Salon interviewed E. O. Wilson last week. Much interesting content about spirituality and conversation.

This planet is not in physical equilibrium like the other solar planets. It’s in a shimmering disequilibrium that comes from vast arrays of species and plants and animals and microbes living on a thin film.

Salon also has a review of a biography of Kinsey, of Report fame. I hadn’t realized he was such an… um, interesting character.

Feed is running a special issue focusing on DNA, and they stretched the rules enough to include an article on software breeding, where genetics and programming intersect, or cross-pollinate, or something. I’m not sure I buy Danny Hillis not understanding the sort algorithms he’s bred – you could at least do analysis to find out if the different isolates are using similar sets or series of opcodes, for example.