regularly scheduled updates

Whew! It’s been quite a long week! I’ll spare you most of the personal stuff; we’re mostly moved in, although the loss of the two desks (see below) is turning into a real PITA – it’s hard to work when there’s no surface to work on. I’ll be faxing the claim report to ABF tomorrow or Tuesday – we should be done unpacking by then – and I’ll let you know what I hear.

Tomorrow (it’s still Sunday night as I write this) is my first day at NCBI, my new workplace. I’m pretty excited about finally starting, seeing where I’ll be working, getting my computers set up, and all the other cool new job stuff. More about that tomorrow probably.

I used the RideGuide to figure out what bus to take to the train station tomorrow – it looks like a fairly useful site for public transportation users in the metro DC area, so I’m noting it for later.

Wow, what happened to all the stuff I thought I had bookmarked? Looks like it might be a short day…

Eric “” Snowdeal sent in a link to a Wired news article about Lincoln Stein, Napster, and data sharing in large-scale sequencing projects. Most of you know probably know Lincoln Stein as the Perl author, but he’s also a fairly famous molecular biologist/bioinformatician. If I say anything more, I’ll sound like a slavering fanboy, so I won’t. But go read the article; it’s cool in a cyberpunky/“the street finds its own uses for things” kind of way.

Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader’s Companion has finally been released. Bit pricey at US$24 for a softcover version (US$32 for the hardcover), but that’s to be expected for small press runs, I guess. If anybody could point me to a (online) review, I’d be grateful – and I wouldn’t cry big tears if a review copy turned up in my mailbox, either… 8^)=

Okay, that’s going to do it. I’m going to try real hard to write something every day this week, to get back into the groove. Tonight, however, I should try to get some sleep, as tomorrow is a big day. See y’all later…

PS: An apology to members of the update list; I attempted to send notice of the last update (see below), but it bounced due to some mail client mess-up on my end, and I didn’t discover that until earlier today.