junky on a good day

Augh – it’s gonna be a short one today, as I spent far too much time in the sooper sekret off-week #BlogIRC chat. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.

Salmonella-Resistant Cows: This is so breath-takingly short-sighted that I’m stunned – I mean, how stupid do we have to be? Giving antibiotics to food animals, or to people who don’t actually need them, should be grounds for a medium-class LART-ing – resistance just develops too fast, and I’m pretty sure we’re pulling from a finite space when it comes to developing new ones.

There are some more screen shots of Evolution, the Outlook work-alike that HelixCode is developing for Gnome. I’ll give it a test run when it’s ready, but I’m not sure anything can replace Gnus+BBDB.