Hey, New Order. It’s been a while since I’ve had this disk in the player. One of the nice things about moving is you (re-)find things you’d forgotten about.

The latest in the parade of “My, but Heinlein was right a lot, wudn’t he?”: Companies Swoon Over the Moon.

The next couple of these were nicked from the always excellent rc3.org:

First, news that the governor of Maryland (my new home state) signed UCITA into law, paving the way for this scene in a future Oz:

Large, scary black man: What you in for, man?
Small, scared white man: Um, I bought a computer, and then complained about the OS in a chat room.
Large, scary black man: (smiles a special “Hello, new bitch” smile)
(fade to black)

Of course, the Washington Post had a rather, um, unique take on the story, which was reported under the headline: Glendening Signs Measures Boosting Internet Commerce. Yah, it’ll be a ‘boost’, that’s for sure.

Second, in other “shut up and drink yer Keystone” news, the FedGov is fixing to make linking to sites with drug-related information a felony. Because the past programs that have clamped down on the spread of on-line information has been such huge successes, and they’re starting to get really, really good at it. I expect this sort of thing from Hatch and Ashcroft, but I hope California voters remember Feinstein’s involvement in this mess when it comes re-election time.

Demonstrating that it’s not just this side of the pond, the EU is looking to ban anonymous remailers. Because of the past successes in elimination of undesirable behaviour on the 'net by meatspace bans, no doubt.

Whew, thought I had more – but maybe it’s good I don’t, as I seem to be getting a bit worked up. If all goes well, the new and improved GeneHack should be rolled out sometime this weekend. Geez, I hope so – I’m so sick of the current look, and feel like I’m getting really stagnant. I need to get some new link sources, put on a fresh face, and kick it back up a few notches. See ya Monday, and hey – be careful out there!