So much for that whole “back in the saddle”,“updating every day” nonsense, eh? Still way too much going on with getting in the groove at work, and getting things set up here. As Jessamyn notes, three moves does equal one fire. Maybe a fire and a half if the moving company breaks a bunch of your stuff.

Things should start to settle down a little bit; I’m all set up at work, and we’ve gotten ~90% of all the personal paperwork stuff done (car, insurance, etc.) Maybe I’ll actually have time to finish the content management stuff I was working on, and redesign this site. I’m getting really tired of olive green.

If you care at all about personal privacy, libertarianism, cryptography, or the nature of the social contract, you should go read this Salon article. I’m not going to attempt to summarize it, and I’m not even sure what I think about it – still too early. The author does seem to have picked up a libertarianism == voluntary hermitage meme somewhere, and I don’t think that’s all that accurate, which is making it difficult for me to analyze the rest of the commentary.

The cphack case continues to develop. (See the links at the bottom of that page for history, if you don’t recall what this is about.) I’m still confused about this – Mattel seems to be hammering on the point that cphack allows people to bypass the filters. So, why doesn’t somebody take the code, remove that ability (while preserving the decrypting ability), and then release cphackLite? IANALawyer, but it seems like that should be entirely permissible under the terms of the GPL.

Wendel left me out. Sniff. I feel so small now.

The weblog eGroup is no more, but long live Weblogs_reborn. Ah crap, that reminds me, I missed another BlogIRC – and this time it was just because I out and out forgot. Damn.

Couple of European meetings coming up: Genome Based Gene Structure Determination in June, and the 15th German Conference on Bioinformatics in October.

Sigh. Still haven’t caught up on the email, either. And this desk I’ve been forced into using is way too high, which is killing my wrists. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out this weekend and get a big table to use as a worksurface, and then I’ll be able to rip right through those mails, and write that code, and, and…

Anyway, I’ll see you kids back here 'round Monday or so. Thanks for sticking around during the rather sorry interlude of the past couple of months.