very time I think I’ve got a handle on things, something else pops up.

We went out Saturday and paid a visit to Ikea, to replace some of the furniture that was broken in the move. That night, I assembled some of the stuff we brought home with us, and most of the rest after it was delivered on Sunday. I think there’s still one bookcase left to put together, but that won’t take too long, as I am now an Ikea master-builder. We didn’t get that much stuff; but I was working slowly, so the final product would look decent, and after I built each piece, we had to move things around so that there was room to assemble the next. Hopefully we now have enough places to put things that we can put most of our things someplace, so we don’t have to keep stumbling over them.

I was also very excited to find out that the Potomac Mills outlet mall has a Lego outlet store – my desk now features a Star Wars land-speeder built out of Lego, complete with Luke and Obi-Wan minifigs. That pretty much made my whole weekend.

I had been planning on going down to the protests on Sunday, but I had to wait for the delivery of the furniture, so I wasn’t able to go. I think I just officially became a member of the bourgeoisie – I can see the conversation now –
“Gran’pa, weren’t you in Washington during the Protest of 2000?”
“Why, yes, I was”
“What did you do? Did you get arrested?”
“No, I was too busy assembling pre-fab Swedish furniture to go to the protests – but I had them on CSPAN the whole time!”
“You’re lame, Gran’pa!”

Why can’t I get to Running Tally anymore?

I think this ad campaign can be judged a success. The only potential cultural artifact remaining is an alt.dollar-amount.dollar-amount.dollar-amount.priceless newsgroup.

Okay, that’s it for now – I’ve got more organizing and unpacking to do (yes, still). I just wanted y’all to know that I’m still out here, and planning on getting back into gear Real Soon Now, so keep checking back – there will be a real update one day…