busy bee

I’m back in town, but things are still going to be pretty quiet 'round here – hopefully I’ll get some 'blogging done next week, but don’t hold your breath – I’ve got to format my thesis and practice my defense talk, and Lor and I have to figure out how we’re moving kit and kitties and then actually go about doing carrying out that plan.

The trip to DC was great; we got an apartment, which was the major goal. We also got to have lunch with my new boss and several other people I’ll be working with, which was nice. The high point of the trip was definitely the dinner we had with Fred “Metascene” Pyen, and the excellent driving tour of DC that Fred treated us to afterwards. All in all, I’m even more excited about getting out of Tucson, and getting to DC – just a few hoops left to jump through.

See ya Monday, or maybe Tuesday (or maybe Wednesday…)