a title to be named later

Anybody get a word count on Neale’s short-is-beautiful-too rant the other day? (Sorry, I’m a sucker for cheap irony.)

Reading Dear Sally (see Brig’s 3.29 entry for the whole backstory) made me wonder where GeneHack fits into the 'blog timeline. Whenever someone mentions “The Old Guard”, they throw out names that I was reading before I really started 'blogging, but whenever “The Youngbloods” are mentioned, the names that come up are people that I know started after I was already seriously going at it. Where, I wonder, do I fit in? (It’s the same thing chronologically, BTW – I’m not really a GenX’er, but I’m definately younger than… than… whatever came before GenX’ers. Anyway, sorry for the blatent navel gaze, but it’s something that I’ve been wondering about.

(BTW, I think I ‘get’ Bloat a whole lot better after reading Sally’s response.)
I’m sure Sally’s going to give a rat’s ass…

Free idea for the taking – there’s a (potentially great) West Side Story-based satire just begging to be done, given the above “Old Guard” vs. “Youngbloods” split mentioned above. Hmm – this would probably be right up Brad’s alley…

Okay, the rest of this is probably going to be somewhat of an atypical GeneHack entry, because I haven’t really had time to do any surfing for links (as opposed to just reading other 'blogs), but I’ve got a whole load of personal crap that I feel like unloading, so I’m going to do it here.

It was my last day at work today; I handed in my keys, and I walked around and said ‘Bye’ to a bunch of people (those that I could find). I was more sad than I thought I’d be; I’ve been anticipating this for so long, wanting it, working towards it, planning it, dreaming about it, and now that it’s here I’m finding that part of me doesn’t really want to go – the part that prefers stability and stasis over change is actually quite scared of the whole moving and new job thing. A much bigger part is excited of course, and I think that the move, and the NCBI position are really the best thing for me right now, but that’s not doing a lot for the scared part.

I also killed my work box. The network people didn’t want a Linux box just sitting there without someone looking after it, so I backed up my stuff to CD-R, unplugged the network connection, and 'rm -rf /*'d the filesystem. It’ll be back as a 'doze box, but it won’t be mine anymore. It was the first Intel-based computer that I used on a regular basis, and it was a good box, and I’m sorry to see it go. Just one more milepost on the road out of Tucson, I guess.

Lor gets back into town tonight, after being gone for almost a week. We’ll have a couple hours together, but I have to get up tomorrow morning and start driving, so it’s almost like we won’t have time to catch up at all. As Brig noted the other day, being without your partner really does suck rocks. Brig, it’s not any better when you have to do it from a house that’s mostly empty, because you’ve given your worldly possesions into the hands of strangers, whom you’re trusting to deliver them to the right place, at the right time, in mostly the same condition they were when you last saw them.

Today was a fairly unique specimen of a day – a Day of Lasts. Last time I’ll be in the building I worked in for seven years, last time I’ll eat at my favorite Tucson lunch spot, last time I’ll have to fight for a parking space in the crowded university lots, last time (probably) that I’ll see some people I’ve spent a lot of time with. Minor Last Days are pretty common – the end of conferences, the end of vacations – but this is only the third Major Last Day of my life – high school and college graduations being the other two.

If my life were a book, this would be the end of Chapter Three, and the beginning of Chapter Four – I wonder what the title of Chapter Four is going to be?

I’ll be back sometime next week, probably in the Wednesday to Friday time frame. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to stay around for more than a couple of days…