terms of psychic warfare

Ack! Sorry about the unexpected lack of updates. Getting the new box set up and configured and all that has been taking a bit longer than expected, which I should have expected. Or something. More about that in a couple of days, if all goes well.

When I haven’t been up to my elbows in computer guts and sound card drivers, I’ve been working on the thesis. Precious little surfing going on, sad to say. Today’s update is consequently on the short side. I should get to do a more typical update tomorrow, I hope…

Of course, there’s always the chance that I won’t have time to get to it. If you’re subscribed to the notification list, you’ll know, because you won’t get mail from me – this will allow you to save those precious seconds that would otherwise have been wasted checking this page – seconds that could be used to, aw hell, I don’t know, check if /. updated. You get the point – send some mail to <genehack-update-subscribe@eGroups.com> to join.

Maximum Density’s link page describes GeneHack as “Tech, sexuality, and more.” What’s up with that? If you’re really looking for sexuality, try Pursed Lips, or maybe Flutterby – Debra and Dan each do a much better job on the sex tip than I do.

Trampling all over that not-so-thin line between mean but funny and just plain mean, it’s Weblog Junior High. Personally, I didn’t think it was all that good; the earlier Bloats were much more amusing in my opinion, but I’m a just a boring geek nerd, so take that with a grain of salt, I guess. Feh.

Jim Roepcke went off on Evolution the other day, mostly on the basis of its UI (or lack thereof). I’d join the forum thing-ama-bob on his site and give some feedback, but (ironically), I hate the UI of web-based discussion groups, so I’m just going to do it here. First, it’s early days for the project, and I’m not sure judging it by those screenshots is fair. Second, unless Microsoft really revved Outlook when I wasn’t looking, or the aim of the Evolution project has really changed, the underlying guts of the two apps are going to be totally different. Evolution is going to attempt to implement jwz’s intertwingle idea, IIRC. That’s why I’m excited by it, not because of the way it looks.

David Cohen pointed me to this NY Times article on human stem cell research, which talks about the ban on federal funding, how that’s driven the research mainly into the private sector, and some of the unanticipated consequences of that. As David said in his mail, “Good stuff”.

While I’m catching up on my backlog, I should note that Matt Haughey pointed me to this Wired article about the efforts in the state legislature to ban net.porn on state campuses. While the story does mention that the crackpot behind the idea also wants to ban opposite-sex visitors to dorm rooms, they fail to mention that she also wants the name of the UA Womens Studies department changed to Lesbian Studies. There is no word on her position on same-sex visitors to the dorm rooms of lesbians, but I suspect that she would probably be in favor of just banning the lesbians from campus too.

Did I mention I was looking forward to leaving Arizona?

Oh, and speaking of slimey, underhanded schemes, those of you that have tight control over your servers might want to block Cyveillance at the IP level:

We are currently developing a high-speed search technology designed to crawl the Internet to locate and index specific information on behalf of our clients, who are seeking to better understand how their companies are being impacted by the Internet.

Or, in other words, we’re trolling for copyright violations, and figure when we find some, we’ll be able to annoy some money out of somebody. These guys and epidemic.com are really re-affirming my faith in humanity, let me tell you.