Thanks to Running Tally (for the reminder), and Napster (for the file), who combined to produce today’s title. You’re not like most people, Stuart, here in the trailer park.

Tell me again about much better the European education system is? A study in a British medical journal has found that health services by phone are hampered, because people don’t know the meaning of ‘unconscious’.

This little bit pinched from Nature talks about concentrating conservation resources into ‘hot-spots’: places with more biodiversity than average. I don’t really know enough about ecology to have a strong opinion on this, but I will say I’ve always been a bit confused about the wisdom of long-term efforts to preserve specialized, fragile environments and the species that are somewhat over-adapted to them. Anybody out there care to educate me as to why this is a Good Thing?

Referrer log gazing: churlish, at – getting the link because of the cool URL.

Shamelessly filched from Dan, here’s another look at the recent series of DoS attacks, which gives a bit of historical context in addition to a more in-depth critique of the media analysis. As I’ve said before, one of the more interesting aspects of the whole DoS hoopla is the how people project their own fears (and hopes) onto the motivations of the entities behind the attacks.

While I’m stealin’, LIM pointed out this interview with Al Gore today, featuring this gem:

[Interviewer]: Are there people on death row elsewhere, or federal death row, who are innocent? Isn’t that something we should be worried about?

[Gore]: I would hope not. But I’ll tell you this: I think that any honest and candid supporter of the death penalty has to acknowledge that that support comes in spite of the fact that there will inevitably be some mistakes. And that’s a harsh concession to make, but I think it’s the only honest concession to make, and it should spur us to have appreciation for habeas corpus, for the procedural safeguards for the accused, and for the fairness that’s a part of the American judicial system and to resist efforts to take away the procedural safeguards.

Just makes you love that two party system all that much more, doesn’t it?

I got the work box up and running today, which was a good thing. Spent way too long getting it configured, and it’s still not quite done – still need to crawl through a few more sections in dselect. Also got the page proofs back for my paper, and got them back out to the journal – so I’m hopeful that we’ll make the March issue.