oddly symmetric heart day

Things might be a bit slack 'round here this week; if you’d like notification when the site gets updated, send a blank mail to <genehack-update-subscribe@eGroups.com>. (I’ll quit flogging that horse sometime this week, too.)

Want your Linux box to look more Mac-ish? Try KiDEr, a series of KDE mods that does actually end up looking pretty good.

Speaking of window managers, I switched back to Window Maker this weekend, after some problems with Sawmill. I don’t think it’s going to last, however – I’ve gotten too used to the way Sawmill works, and don’t really have time to re-create that environment in Window Maker.

Perl.com has published the second half of a spam-trapping HOWTO. I linked to the first half on Linux Planet quite a while back, and had been wondering what happened to the second half. According to the author, “the editors decided not to publish the rest of the series”. Kind of annoying that they didn’t even see fit to mention that – bad editors, no link for you!

This weekend’s addition to the Leaning Tower of Documentation was Beginning Linux Programming – so far it’s been okay, but I’m only part way into the second chapter. We’ll see how long my attention span lasts. One of the nice things about the new post-doc is that I’ll be able to read stuff like that at work…

This is kind of cool – mp3.com has released a Linux version of their Beam-It client. Half a point off for only releasing x86 binaries, by the way. sigh Another half point for not mapping *.tar.gz to downloadable in their server’s mimetype set-up.

If you didn’t vote last weekend, go ahead and take the latest poll. If you did already vote, the results are over here – I like the EvilPopupWindows.com suggestion.

Well, I’m going to try to catch up on some email now; see you 'round.