hardly getting over it

Random observation: Husker Du’s The Living End actually sounds pretty good pumped through cheap-o computer speakers that are turned up so loud they start to distort. Singing along at the top of your lungs helps too.

The sleep deprivation is starting to kick in. The next couple of days should be interesting; I can already feel myself starting to get brittle and somewhat random.

I actually did go into the lab today, for a meeting. This resulted in me missing the UPS man, and not getting to play with the new computer. Sigh. At least I know I’ll be getting it tomorrow – boxen buildin’! Debian install! geek-out-fest. yeehaw. Tomorrow’s update may be consequently absent. For a workaround to that pressing problem,sign up for the GeneHack update notification list – send a blank email to genehack-update-subscribe@eGroups.com to get the ball rolling.

In the “I can’t believe this was even a question” section: California court bans juror exclusion based on sexual orientation.

Linux World Expo is this week, and Wired has a wrap up of some of the ‘desktop’ apps being demo’d. I’ve been using Linux as my sole (well, >90%) desktop OS for over a year, and I find it to be quite satisfactory. Don’t buy the “it’s almost ready for the desktop” hype; if you’ve got enough of a Clue to read and follow documentation, you can use Linux right now.

In another bit from Wired (actually seen first at EatonWeb), researchers are reporting that “hostile” people not only die younger, they also get fatter 'round the middle. Well, that explains the spare tire I grew in gradual school, I guess. Ordinarily, I don’t get too stirred up 'bout this type of research, but this quote caught my eye:

Both Davis and Niaura agreed that hostile people are creating a miserable environment for themselves as well as for people around them.

“High hostility people are making their own world stressful and in general are big sourpusses,” Niaura said.

I would really, really like to give that guy a wedgie. I bet the person who has the thankless task of taking care of that bozo’s computers would help, too. Sourpusses, my ass; bite me, you sanctimonious twit.

(See, brittle. And random.)