dreaming of you

I need to buy one of those mini-recorders; I keep thinking of something, and then thinking I should 'blog it, and then forgetting what the original thought was. I hate that.

A report at HMS Beagle attempts to dissect the effects of PubMed Central, the new life sciences document archive at the NIH/NCBI. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the traditional paper based journals, although I expect that they’ll hold on for another decade or so. That reminds me, I need to think about a method of archiving all the article .pdf’s I’ve got laying around…

Speaking of papers, my most recent is officially accepted. I’ll post a pointer when it’s actually published.

Several other people pointed at the Salon article on the DVD/DeCSS mess; if you haven’t checked it out, or have no idea what I’m even talking about, you really should have a look.

Should have linked this yesterday, but better late than never. When I first heard about the distributed DoS attacks shutting down amazon.com, eBay, and others, my first thought was, “I wonder how long before somebody alleges it’s actually the NSA?”. The answer? Not very long at all. (Filched from /..) Salon also deconstructs the attacks today. I think the most interesting part of this whole thing has been listening to the speculations about who’s doing it; people’s choice of boogeyman is often a pretty good clue as to how their mind works.

In that spirit, I present the GeneHack DoS Free Association Poll (You have to go to the external site, because I’m allowing people to add their own responses. Please play nice.) If you’ve already voted, the results are over here.

Also on Salon, an article that talks about what jwz has been doing since he quit Netscape/AOL – and it’s not coding. Interesting use of .com dividends; I wonder how much more of this type of thing we’re going to see, and what the long term effects will be?

There’s either been a dearth of good stuff lately, or more likely, my head-down-thesis-workin’-not-sleeping schedule is preventing me from finding it. Hang in there, Loyal Readers, I think we’re getting towards the end of the tunnel…