box wraslin'

I spent about 4 hours last night and all day today trying (and failing) to switch my work computer from Red Hat to Debian. Fortunately, someone on the debian-users list came through with a lovely little kludge-y work-around, so hopefully I’ll be able to get up and running tomorrow. I’m really fighting the temptation to go back into work and fix it tonight, because I know if I do that, I’ll be compelled to do all the other config too – which would mean no update again. See the sacrifices I make for you kids?

Now playing: The Portable Galaxie 500 (listen, the snow is falling…)

While I’m thinking of it, my second column is up over at BlueButtBunny. That site is launching this week, and they’re giving away a load of stuff – and based on the traffic that they’re sending my way, your chances might be pretty good ;^)=

What happens when people have too much time on their hands: RJ’s Perl Obfuscator:

The Perl Obfuscator attempts to intuit your Perl code. It randomizes variable and subroutine names; removing decorative whitespace, tabbing and comments from your code. The result is what many over-30 programmers call job security.

Dig the camel with the black out bar over its eyes!

How much is your thesis worth?

David Cohen comes through again, with a pointer to this NY Times article on a new DNA-bead technique that can do most or all of the things that current gene chips can do, but doesn’t require advance knowledge of the sequences involved. It’s also more focused on determining differences in gene expression (between cancerous and non-cancerous cells, for example), rather than absolute levels in a single population. I wonder if 32 bases is enough to really distinguish all the different genes in a human cell? That seems a bit on the low side…

This interview with Douglas Coupland actually makes me less likely to buy Miss Wyoming.

You can’t tell the players without a program: Who’s Who in Linux/PPC.

(Some of the following are me attempting to clean out my bookmarks file, and get it into the 'blog – for that far off day when I get the whole thing shifted over to a database which will store bookmarks for me on the back end and spit 'blog entries out the from end for y’all – just in case you’re wondering about the relatively light commentary.)

Some interesting applets for your Gnome panel.

jwz talks about whole bunches of stuff – including an Emacs time-line, several things about mail storage formats and proper message threading, and this gem about Linux usability.

There’s a whole slew of PC font sites out there; now that I’ve got TrueType support working, I’ll have to check some of those out. That reminds me, I was working on a redesign…

Randal Schwartz has a whole bunch of columns from WebTechniques available on his site – lots of good Perl stuff.

Here’s a big review of most of the popular Linux window managers: part I and part II. (Part II covers Sawmill, my WM of choice.)

GimpMill is a Gimp plug-in to simply making themes for Sawmill.

Short tutorial on setting up a MySQL-backed web site.

'Kay, I think that’s about enough for one night. See ya tomorrow.