are we there yet?

Well, I didn’t get a defense scheduled on Friday, because several committee members hadn’t read my thesis, and hence couldn’t sign the Magic Paper allowing said scheduling to occur. sigh I’m hopeful that this will come together today, however.

The rock has been brought for the last time. Sad to see ya go Jason; good luck in your future endeavors, and if I ever get to State College, I’ll take you up on the sticky buns.

Caught the latest Real Sex on HBO this weekend, featuring the very interesting Punany Poets, an African-American erotic performance art collective. Those of you in the Bay Area may want to check them out.

Sometimes, a worm is bait: What really happened to describes how a team of security people at the San Diego Supercomputer Center set up a patsy system to determine how long it would take for a stock Red Hat 5.2 install directly connected to the 'net to get r00ted.

Hey, Miguel has a diary too! Geez, I need to revise my start pages one of these days.

Project Gutenbook, a Perl/GTK+ app for getting and reading Project Gutenberg eTexts. Hey, they’ve got most of the works of H. Rider Haggard over there! Now to acquire something reasonably portable to read them on…

Looks like I’ll be going to WACUG meetings after we move. Can any of the DC area readers tell me if this is the best LUG-like group in the area, or if I should be looking at another?

Tigert has quite a few Gimp color palettes, available for all you nx graphic kids, including a couple of web-safe ones.

Forgot to mention it at the time, but last week, Brig mentioned some changes at that have occurred since she left (see the last paragraph in the 2.24.00 entry). I checked it out, and sure enough, they had changed my mail prefs. I looked around for an account cancellation method on their site, couldn’t find one, and instead settled for changing my name (in the preferences) to be a bit ruder (“That’s Mister Off to you!”), and my email address to I suggest you do the same.

Hmm, maybe I will head off and rework the Daily Dose pages. It’s either that or hack more on the new Secret Project. decisions, decisions

Probably won’t be an update tomorrow, as I’ve got to go back to Phoenix to pick up Laura. The interviewing went well, and she’s basically accepted a position at, although all the details still have to be hashed out. I think this means we’re (un)officially part of the Internet economy, or something.