warm soft kitty molasses

I’m sure most of you saw this linked from /., but if you didn’t, you should definitely give Bruce Sterling’s The Manifesto of January 3, 2000 a look.

The aggressive counter-action to commodity totalitarianism is to give things away. Not other people’s property – that would be, sad to say, “piracy” – but the products of your own imagination, your own creative effort.

I expect to see this one linked from a bunch of places today.

At last, an explanation of the Three Virtues of a programmer. (Laziness, impatience, and hubris, for those non-geeks out there.) Via the Whump! (hey, I’ve got that hat!)

Cool, the Sandbenders Collective is getting started. Although I thought they were supposed to be in Oregon…

There’s an amazing amount of science behind wine.

In the “boy, they just don’t learn” category, the Feds reprise the stunningly successful Steve Jackson Games raid by taking on Ramsey Electronics, a supplier of educational electronic kits. More at technocrat.net.

Dan “Apathy” Fitch pulls out all stops with his lo-fi simANSI-phreaker-b04rdz site remake. I’m speechless, kids, and those that know me will tell ya it takes a lot to get me to that unfamiliar spot. Go Dan!

Bit of a lame update. I bookmarked several promising things, but after fully reading them, didn’t have anything interesting to say about them. Also suffering from the inevitable post-holiday back-to-work blues. See you tomorrow…