Still no real blog, still no time. Mostly finished with the minor revisions that were needed to get the paper accepted; it should be going out tomorrow. Now I just have to get the thesis finished. I think if I really crank, I can finish the current chapter by Saturday or Sunday, and the next chapter early next week. Then I should be able to get back to a more normal schedule here. The good news is that I finally got myself into the head down, locked jaw, teeth gritted, grim inevitability mental state where all I want to do is get the damn thing out. Focus is good, but it’s not making life all that pleasant for those around me…

Speaking of teeth, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Due to very bad childhood experiences, I hate and fear the dentist. One reason I’m writing this long update is because I can’t sleep, thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow morning. Here’s something I just don’t understand: in the last few decades, especially the current one, we’ve made huge strides in medicine and other sciences. Why is dentistry still using essentially the same tools and techniques as 50 years ago? Why do I have to let at least two strangers stick their hands and sharp metal objects into my mouth? Most importantly, if the latter is necessary, why do I have to be awake while it happens?

This is really starting to look more journal than blog, isn’t it? Sorry 'bout that. I’ve seen some interesting stuff, but only via other 'blogs, and I’m too tired to remember what came from where right now. So, for the rest of this week, and maybe the next, be your own blogger: go to the appropriate start page, and start clicking. I usually do comics, good deeds, journals, the linux section, then general (aka blogs), followed by music blogs, and then news. I save the science stuff for the evening, when I’ve got more time to read carefully.

Is anybody out there interested in a notification list, a la Medley (and others)? Let me know.