thesis mode

It’s gonna be a light week around here, as I’m (finally) getting into thesis mode, which means less surfing, and less stuff to comment on. I’m also trying to crank on the site, so that’s taking some energy too. (Here’s a sneak peek at the new look. Well, new look v1.1; there have been some changes since the screen shot I put up a couple weeks ago.)

I’m about two months behind on my print periodicals, but I did recently get through the Reader’s Choice issue of Rolling Stone. I skipped most of the cruft (Backstreet Boys, ugh.) but did notice that in the “Artists Pick Best-of-Year” section that Mark Hoppus (the bassist from Blink-182) listed both Clarity by Jimmy Eat World and Something To Write Home About by The Get Up Kids. Nice to see a bigger name giving some back to those still on the way up.

The latest issue of Brave GNU World talks about Sawmill, among other things.

Here’s some more desktop background fodder, from Tigert, of Gimp fame.