Just when you think it can’t get any worse. Boy o’boy, what a day I’ve had…

Be the first on your block to take the new on-line test sweepin’ the 'Blog Nation, What Breed of Dog Are You?. My answer?

You are most like a BASSET HOUND. You are one laid-back individual! You cherish your “down time” and treasure the moments that you have no responsibility to anyone but your couch and TV set. You are easy to get along with and are extremely low maintenance. You probably love to hang out with your friends, as long as it is in a low-key environment. Although some might consider you lazy, you prefer to think of yourself as “relaxed.” Your no-frills approach to life makes you a refreshing friend to all.

Hey kids! Want to “hang out” on-line with your favorite blogger? Join Weblogs-social – the hip, new, happenin’ juke joint. Just don’t fawn over the listmom too much, he hates that.

How to tell it’s gone too far: You’re seriously considering entering the Angband save-file competition. Bonus points if you did seriously consider it, but didn’t enter because you don’t play the varient used in this round, and didn’t think you could overcome the competitive disadvantage that gave you.

On the bag tip, reader Jaime Burns pointed me to CourierWare, where there are some fine looking bags, apparently aimed at the bike messenger market. Not too shabby. Dan “Lake Effect” Hartung recommended the Land’s End Square Rigger Deluxe attache case. I’d look up the link for that on the Land’s End site, but I’m too lazy (see above). As far as the bag that I had issues with, they replied prompty to an email, and are sending a new bag (and a return mail sticker to ship the old one back). Nice customer service; now if they’d work on that brain dead patent thing…

The new 'net money is starting to invest in biotech, and they’re bringing their economic culture with them:

Barkas, on the other hand, argued that the biotech firms featured at the conference all had an excellent shot at triumph. “You don’t have to have a product on the market for people to have confidence in a company,” he said. “They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t going to be a success.”

This is a good first start on a User’s Guide to the Milky Way.

Researchers at Cornell have data suggesting a mouse with built-in wrist support may keep the hand in a more ‘neutral’ position, which is thought to reduce the chance of RSI. What about trackballs? Seems odd to leave those out…

Well, that appears to be the bottom of the Big Bag O’ Linkage. Have a good weekend, and I’ll catch up with you on Monday.