resource manglement

Taking it easy today – I’ve got other things I should be doing, and even other things that I’d like to be doing, and so I’m shorting the blog update.

This Salon piece on hemorrhoids goes out to all those unfortunates shifting uncomfortably in their chairs.

Screenshot of Apple’s new MacOS X desktop. Looks pretty, but how well does it work?

Molly Ivins is coming out in favor of Bradley in today’s column. Being a Kansas boy myself, I have to dig this:

What he does have, and it takes a while to explain this, is Midwesterness. Not to paint with a broad brush or anything, but Midwesterners tend to be incredibly practical and incurably down-to-earth. (I base this opinion on the three years, including 18 winters, that I spent in Minnesota.)

I can’t explain it either, but I completely understand what she’s talking about.

A popular link today (again, first spotted at /.): Larry Wall on the development of Perl. Larry Wall is an excellent writer; even if you have no idea what Perl is, I imagine you’d still enjoy this one.

A question for the hardware heads in the audience: I just purchased one of these on eBay – it’s a half-height 1.2 gig drive, with 80 pin Ultra3 SCSI connection. Stupid git that I am, I didn’t read closely enough to see the ‘80 pin’ part before placing my bid – all I’ve got internally is 50 pin SCSI-I. I already picked up an appropriate drive to fill that slot, so I don’t really even had a good spot to stick it. How expensive/troublesome is it going to be to pick up a case for it and then slap a SCSI-I adaptor on the case and hang it off my external chain?