life on the moon

Here’s something that might please the power users in the audience: PowerShell is a program that puts multiple xterms into a ‘tabbed’ frame, so they only take up one window.

Fight for your right to nap! (NY Times, so free registration required. Nipped from Scripting News.)

The explanation for why the moon looks larger when it’s low in the sky.

In the latest instance of genetic testing testing history, scientists are attempting to discover if Louis XVII really died in prison, or if loyalists broke him out so that he could father descendents.

RNA interference works in mammals! This is huge – RNA interference is a technique that lets scientists turn off specific genes – something that’s been (up to this point) very very difficult to do in mammals. Turning off a gene and then seeing what happens is a standard experiment in genetics; it’s especially useful when you don’t really know what the gene might be doing. Hopefully by the time the experimental animal genomes start coming on-line, this technique will be debugged so the genome centers can swing right into systematic knock-outs…

I’m not sure why, but something about this page screams ‘Disgruntled crank!’.

This has been linked all over too (I think I saw it on /. first). It’s a screed about how tech support cartoons (e.g., User Friendly) aren’t funny: ID10T errors in cartooning. The subtitle is “Why must we mock those who don’t understand?” – the answer is “Because mocking those who do understand isn’t as funny.”

Everybody’s putting on a fresh face to start the new year – is sporting a new skin, one that doesn’t make Netscape start swapping when it renders! (Don’t get me wrong, I liked the old design, it just made my browser unhappy.)

(And yes, yesterday’s wine link was put up with a certain Medley in mind – what can I say, you name your domain ‘uncorked’, and you start to get a reputation for liking the grape juice… 8^)