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Geheimnis: A PGP shell for KDE

The Brits are taking up the astrobiology burden in the wake of the recent US Mars missions. (I’m purposely avoiding calling them ‘failures’ or ‘disappointments’; I think NASA has a decent overall success rate, and it’s sad to see a few highly public failures being interpreted as “‘smaller faster cheaper’ doesn’t work”.)

A researcher at UMass may have come up with an explanation for Bill Clinton’s re-election. (Cheap shot, I know.)

A US District Court judge in Utah is trying to destroy the web. Can’t we get some kind of foundation together to educate government officials so that this doesn’t happen every other week?

Defining the minimal gene set required to support life. The reductionist in me is thrilled with the idea behind this experiment. It’s quite exciting that only 250 to 350 genes are required; it’s even more exciting that 100 of them have unknown functions. However, the holist (is that the right word?) in me wants to point out that there are lots and lots of interesting interactions that are probably not, strictly speaking, required for life.

New evidence supports an open universe. No Big Crunch! Whew! One less thing to worry about.

Congress is scheduled to hold hearings next year on whether the NSA is over-reaching it’s mandate. Go git 'em!

Here’s a review of Studs Terkel’s new book. Also, I think I’ve linked to reviews of The Code Book before, but here’s another.

A long but wonderful essay on GM foods and anti-scientific sentiment:

Now, it seems, Greenpeace is starting on the road followed by animal rights activists whose bigotry has led them to abandon all concern for the law, life or property. It wants to stop all experiments which are designed to establish what impact GM crops will have on the environment. By their actions they imply that they already know the outcome. As John Beringer, former government adviser on GM foods, has observed: that is the logic of those who burned witches.

This is good for a grin: Linux among the masses.

Vote for your favorite scripting language at PHP is kicking big booty. I wonder if someone stuffed the ballot box, or if PHP is really that popular? Might be time to pick up another scripting language…

Brig gets interviewed on WebWord, and is kind enough to name-check GeneHack. Thanks!

Anybody playing with Mercator?

Forgot to mention yesterday: I tweaked the site templates, and changed around the Start pages. Some removals, some additions, and a rather late ‘good luck’ to jjg, as he moves to the ‘zzzzzz’ section.

(My cats are going nuts; I think we got some bad catnip or something.)