new and improved

Whew! After spending a couple of days toiling in the GeneHack HTML smithy, I’ve emerged with the all new, all green, GeneHack. Per usual, complaints and compliments to (I’m aware that the navigation in the Linux section leaves something to be desired; I accidentally saved over the file that provides that and haven’t recreated it yet.)

Guam is serving as a Y2K guinea pig for the rest of the US.

I don’t know about you, but I see the phrase 200-pound tumor, and I’ve gotta click. (It was taken out of a 120 pound person, which makes it all the more bizarre/interesting, I think. I’m not sure why…)

I found the Foresight Exchange via a Robot Wisdom link. It looks interesting, but I can’t find a link that explains how it works, or what the point is.

AfterY2K seems to be building towards some kind of climax. Maybe today…

Cringely takes on 2000. I was gratified to read that:

Wall Street’s attention will begin to shift from high tech to biotech as human genome research begins to show startling potential benefits (and profits). See here a potential Time 2000 Person of the Year. But remember that while it looks like biology, without computers it doesn’t happen.

Yeehaw! Hold the market, I’ma comin’…

psftp is a command line interface to allow FTP over SSH1. Might be useful for some of you out there – I haven’t tried to built it yet, but it’s something that I probably should be using.

While I’m on software, I’m trying to decide if Mac on Linux is something that I’d like to mess with. I’ve got some more disk on the way (gotta love the Ebay), and this might be something to put on it. It would be nice to be able to play with some of my Mac side stuff without having to reboot…

Interesting bio sketch of J. C. R. Licklider. If you don’t recognize “Lick” by name, you should probably go have a look.

It’s ironic that as we get ready to make the Big Switchover that so many people are so nervous about, the Time FAQ at the USNO appears to be offline.

Some of you Perl slingin’ text mungin’ HTML parsin’ gear heads out there (yes, Dan, I’m thinking of you 8^) might be interested in WebAwk, which is, unsurprisingly, Awk for the Web. (If you’re going “Awk?”, you’re not among the gear heads I speak of.)

Rafe Colburn mentioned yesterday’s Sawmill item. For any WindowMaker fans who might be wavering, here’s another shot showing how much Sawmill can look like your current fave – that’s actually Sawmill in the shot. (I think I mentioned it before, but I dig the new look.)

My end of the year thoughts, for your perusal. Short version: Thanks for reading GeneHack!

When^H^H^H^HIf the world doesn’t end, I’ll be back on Monday. Everybody be safe out there, 'kay?