holding pattern

Still waiting for DNS records to update as I write this. If you click here and don’t end up back at azstarnet.com, drop me a line. Network Solutions said the update was made, but… Later: Well, I can see the new address from both the domains I can check from. I guess genehack.org is really open for business! Now to whip up a set of redirect pages for the old azstarnet.com site…

Let’s see, first up: I told Lynette “Medley” Millet that I’d scream about her December 27th entry, but when I re-read it, there’s not that much there to scream about. It is interesting that we participate in basically the same 'blogger community, and I actually wish there was more discussion of tools, and how what people are using, especially the ‘roll-your-own’ crowd. <shrug>

While I’m navel gazing, Dan’s Gratitudes and Reflections piece yesterday was great – except that I’ve had much the same idea chasing around the back of my head for the past few days, and haven’t acted on it (yet!)

This is just wrong: Searching Google for Scary Devil Monastary hits one of my archive pages as the top result. I’m not worthy!

I’m only down …1200 SDM messages at the moment. If I don’t catch up soon, I’m going to have to mark some read. sigh

Drinking large amounts of Sunny Delight can turn you yellow. The really scary thing in this story was this little tidbit:

Carotene is also the coloring agent in marigolds, which the U.S. producer Perdue Farms feeds to chickens to give the meat a yellow color.


Clayton Moore, the actor who played the Lone Ranger in the old black-and-white TV series, died yesterday. One of the first shows I can remember watching regularly.

Steven Levy says that Peter is right, the book-sniffing wierdos are wrong, and the 20th Century will go down as the Last Century of the Book

Science News has a long wrap-up of some of the years top science stories.

SpyOnIt should be a very useful tool for any bloggers kit. Unfortunately, fine-tuning the spies so that dynamic content doesn’t cause false alarms may be too much for Joe Surfer.

Genomes 2000, April 11-15, 2000. Paris. Abstracts are due the 10th of January, so get cracking!

One of Debra’s recent diary updates was pretty funny. I want reason number one printed on the tee shirts at the first annual 'bloggers convention and weenie roast. (Usual warnings apply; following that link might result in exposure to bad words and graphic descriptions of things that are illegal in Alabama. Probably should click if you’re prudish, or under age.)

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been messing with the software installed on my computer for the past couple days, which is one of the reasons things have been so quiet around here. (The non-geeks can probably stop reading now; the rest of this is probably going to be boring and/or incomprehensible.) I’ve been running WindowMaker, alone and with the KDE file manager, and I’ve been pretty happy with that. However, it’s been three or four months since I really swapped stuff around, so I was looking to make a change.

I was also wanting to strech my Lisp skills a little bit, which I had figured would entail messing around with XEmacs – but then I remembered Sawmill. Sawmill is a very lightweight, Gnome-complient window manager that uses Emacs Lisp for all it’s configuration. Exactly what the doctor ordered. So, I ripped all the KDE software off my drive, downloaded the latest Gnome tarballs, built them, built Sawmill, and am now in the process of getting everything “Just Right”.

This far, I’m impressed. Sawmill looks as good or better than WindowMaker (in fact, it can look just like WindowMakre, with the right theme), and it’s actually faster (an impressive feat!). It’s also possible to get it to evaluate Lisp forms and do run-time modification of pretty much anything, which is pretty wild.

You can see a screenshot of my current desktop here. (Yes, that’s the new GeneHack design; that’s the other thing I’ve been working on.)