fresh out

I had a good title for today, but I didn’t jot it down when it occurred to me and now it is lost.

The Y2K silliness meme begins its spread…

Over at the weblogs eGroup, Jorn (of Robot Wisdom) has put quite a bit of time into a calendar of periodicals, noting when fresh content gets added to a variety of sources.

A couple of different web-based bookmark utility sites contacted me after the Clip2 vs. Blink review ran. Like I said in the review, I’m happy with Clip2, so I won’t be reviewing them, but people might want to check out Hubat and/or ULinkit.

(An aside to those people wondering about getting a site linked by a 'blogger: The people from those two sites did exactly the right thing: mails offering information extending something they’d seen on this site. Not a lot of obnoxious salesmanship, just a “thought you might also be interested” mail.)

The Scifaiku manifesto

Over on the Medley discussion board, Lynette asked about weblog writing length (or as she put it, Pith or Pontification?). The link above is the perfect example of something that needs no further explanation, IMHO.

Some navel gazing: weblog ads on larkfarm and on Userland’s WeblogMonitor. When I get the time to figure out where to put them, I’m going to try running some ads for some of the sites I dig. And while I’m thinking of it, thanks to Dave for the linkage.

I caught some TermiteTV on public access this weekend. I liked it.

I found this RMS interview Friday. /. linked this weekend, so it’s probably redundant, but I’m just trying to clear out my bookmark archive.

Tomorrow at work, I’m going to print out several copies of today’s Tom Tomorrow and stick them up here and there.

Anybody got bad stories about (Yes, I’m still looking for hosting…)