brick and mortar

Short update today; I spent most of the day shopping and wasn’t on the 'net as much as normal, so I’m a little out of it. I did get some cool stuff for The Wife, however, so I’m pretty happy.

One thing I picked up for myself was the dead tree version of In the Beginning…Was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson. Most of you probably recall that this made a big splash this summer when it was released online at Cryptonomicon. I was intrigued that it was available; from reading about the first half it’s the exact same text as was posted, and I’m sure >99% of the target market already read it – it would be really interesting to see demographics on who’s buying this, and for who.

This is also probably the closest GeneHack has ventured to the PeterMe book-sniffing weirdo thread, for those of you playing the home version.

If I’m lucky, I won’t be around to see it, but apparently the Arizona Democratic Primary may be the first Internet election.

A small note for all you exercise buffs out there: Stretching out doesn’t help prevent injuries. I’ve got to start getting more exercise – wait, strike that, I’ve got to start getting some exercise. Maybe I’ll hook a treadmill or a exer-cycle up to my monitor as a power supply – that would work.

This is one of the cooler science things I seen: one of the experiments left behind by the Apollo 11 mission is still returning data.

If thoughts of the potential of a planet-buster asteroid impact aren’t keeping you up nights, it’s possible that the potential for gamma-ray bursts of doom might do the trick.

In the ‘how bad can it get/Y2K reporting sweepstakes’, guerrilla insurgency groups are announcing their Y2K readiness. Sigh. According to my Y2K dockapp, there are 9 days, and just under 22 hours to go as I write this. Soon, the madness will end…

The story is still unfolding, apparently, but five high schoolers in Kansas have been charged with conspiring to stage a Columbine-style attack at their school. The story reports that 39 ‘weapons’ have been seized, but fails to note that this isn’t all that unusual a distribution in a small Kansas town, where firearm ownership isn’t that uncommon.

At some point, I’m going to slow down and maybe even take a day or two off. I’m not exactly sure when that is, but I’ll keep you posted.