a critical gaze

A ways back, I promised a review comparing Clip2.com and Blink, two Web-based bookmark services. People keep asking about it, and I’m finally getting off my butt to do it. As soon as this update is done, I’ll be starting the in-depth analysis 8^)= that will lead to the review. Watch this space.

Later: Okay, the review is done. Comments to jacobs@genehack.org.

Keith Knight on cats at Christmas. Made The Wife bust a gut, and you know that’s a good sign.

.au considers banning caching proxies. Because they violate copyright. Boggle

Hacktivism gets ugly, as RTMark threatens to destroy etoys.com. Etoys.com is clearly in the wrong here, but I wonder if this isn’t a (2 * $wrongs != $right) situation. I’ve also developed a curiosity about how the transition from ‘home-grown’ style justice to more organized systems happened in the American west.

Interesting piece on how phone phreaks are being ignored, because their crimes don’t specifically involve the web.

In the transcript of one 1995 conversation, Bosanac hears a strange noise on the line.
“What the hell happened?” he asked.
“That was the FBI tapping in,” Cantrell joked.
“You know how ironic that’s going to be when they play those tapes in court?” [Bosanac] said.

Dru Jay joins the crowd trying to send a wake-up call to the browser barons.

Wow – I wish this grad program in Computational Molecular Biology had been around six or seven years ago. Of course, I wouldn’t have known I wanted to be in it, but…